Let's Play!

green nikki and mrGreen317 present a series of geocaching-themed Game Nights.

Game Night was started as an idea by green nikki prior to the first event, GC81F8Q, in Feburary 2019. The idea was shared with mrGreen317, and he had a few ideas of his own on how to develop a system of visual displays that add some TV-show-like enhancements to the games. After four fun-filled events in 2019, including a first-ever Game Night and Picnic in August, your hosts are hoping to continue this event series into the next year.

Latest Events

  • 24october

    Game Night, Parker Dam Fall 2020 Celebration
    Our Fall 2020 event will also be a 20 year Celebration event.
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  • 1august

    Game Night, Summer Picnic Edition 2020
    The second summer picnic edition; a 20 year Celebration event.
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  • 10june

    Game Night, Spring (Fever) 2020
    A unofficial, semi-virtual Game Night event at the location of mrGreen317's GC8098K
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  • 15february

    Game Night, Winter Edition 2020
    The return of The Geo-Family Feud and more geocaching-themed fun. A Win, Lose, or Draw game, geo-themed, is expected.
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  • 23november

    Game Night, Fall Edition 2019
    The return of Geo-Jeopardy and the premier of The Geo-Pyramid.
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  • 17august

    Game Night, Summer Picnic Edition 2019
    Thanks to all who attended to make our first Summer Picnic Edition a success!.
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Next Game Night

Game Night Fall 2020 Celebration; Parker Dam State Park

Geo-Jeopardy returns with The Wheel of Geocaching for this fall's Game Night event.

Keep an eye on this site and the event page, GC8MAGQ, -->for more details!